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Get ready for a wild ride through the world of food like you’ve never experienced before! I am diving headfirst into the most delicious, unusual, and downright strange dishes from all around the globe. We will be eating with locals, learning about their culture along the way. Let’s step out of our comfort zone !

I’m all about eating well and trying out new things without hesitation. From live larvae to calf hooves, exotic fruits to saliva beer, I’m not afraid to give anything a shot. Forget about those touristy spots with their basic comfort food – I’m all about finding those hidden gems where the locals eat. That’s where the real magic happens!

Join me as we explore the authentic flavors of different countries, eating with locals. We’ll be soaking up the culture and traditions of each place through its food, from hearty stews to spicy street eats and everything in between.

Join me on this epic culinary adventure!


Everything I ate in the Amazon Rainforest

Индеец гуарани в джунглях собирает банановые листья / Huaorani man collecting leaves in the forest

The Amazonian food is all about “you eat what you catch.” The jungles of Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil are home to indigenous tribes who mainly rely on hunting and fishing. I spent several months traveling through the Amazon rainforest. In…

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