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I live in a endless travel, slowly moving between countries. I’ve visited 47 countries and 4 continents till now. Love my life. My first travel experience was Turkey in my early childhood, where I admired the ancient ruins with the goosebumps. I started traveling on my own at 16 y.o in Europe on low costers. The proximity of St. Petersburg to the Baltics and European countries made it very easy. In the 2010s, lots of people started their around-the-world trips. Others were spending winters in the warm countries, while working online. I learned about couchsurfing, hitchhiking, volunteer programs. Pretty soon I was drawn to the more challenging countries: China, Kenya, Morocco. I was you young and stupid, and I had a lot of fun. I slept in a tent next to hippos, hitchhiked alone through Africa, climbed the sacred Chinese mountains, boldly bargained with Arab traders, ate crocodiles and snakes - and less and less wanted to return to the "normal life". In 2016, I spent a short time in Canada, where I studied English and French, but quickly got bored in the slow rhythm of Canadian life. Some difficulties in life made me understand that it was time to start living my own way, without regard to other people's ideals. I bought a one-way ticket to Cuba and set off to explore Latin America with no plans and on a tiny budget. Hitchhiking, camping, volunteering have become my everyday life. I lived with real Indians, met with Amazonian shamans, went to the mountains with a backpack for ten days, and lived more than a dozen crazy adventures. The journey took two years. On a private island in the Caribbean, I met my future husband. Since then we have been traveling together. During the pandemic, I did not change my lifestyle, and continued to travel. Me and my boyfriend made it on a last day to Georgia before borders were shut down. So we “got stuck” in Caucasian wonderland for a year, and didn’t regret at all. Then we continued out trip. We got married and got a dog. And although I have to adapt to constantly changing conditions, this pace of life suits me. Briefly about my hobbies: I love hiking, climbing, rock climbing. I always carry a tent with me. I love Indians and other small nations. For the sake of getting to know the natives, I climb into the thicket of the jungle, go on foot for a week in the mountains, go far beyond the google maps. I love unusual food. I ate grasshoppers, beetles, crocodiles, armadillos, and even a dog (oops). I enjoy a great meal full of flavours too, it doesn’t need to be always extreme. Come on - life is short, so there is no time to do boring stuff. I appreciate good wine and I love experiments. I try local wines, even if it's Morocco and Egypt. In addition to traveling, I do scuba diving, dance boogie-woogie, love to pull dumbbells in the gym, do yoga and acroyoga, run in the morning and dream about marathon, can ride a hundred kilometers on a broken-down bike - any sport is welcome in my life. I write articles and stories. I also worked with underground rock bands as a photographer. For sure I missed smth on this list.
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