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📍 Egypt, Africa.

Welcome to the Egypt section of my travel blog! Here you will find insider tips for independent travel. Whether you prefer the lively streets of Cairo or the calm waters of the Nile River, Egypt has something to offer for every type of traveler.

So, what can you expect from my blog?

I offer personally tested practical guides to help you plan your trip. Here you will also find must-try foods, including the most bizarre dishes in the country. For instance, I had the opportunity to try a homemade stuffed pigeon at a local family’s dinner party. Additionally, I cover all the hiking trails in the region, even though Egypt is not known for its hiking.

At the end of 2021, I visited Egypt for the first time. I lived in Luxor and Hurgada for a few weeks. Because of my nomad lifestyle, I usually spend a lot of time in one county. I was initially overwhelmed by the complications involved in planning my trip. And, to be honest, I was hesitant to travel alone as a solo woman. However, I quickly dove into the adventure and figured everything out. Egypt amazed me by its hospitality.

Some of the best experiences I had during my trip? Definitely the Nile cruise, which I scored at a very affordable price, and the camel ride around the Giza Pyramids. Though it may seem touristy, it was a fantastic experience.

But this is not all. I also love to explore lesser-known areas and make friends with locals. So, I spent a couple of days in Abu Simbel and then explored Nubian culture in Aswan. I also loved the chaotic, noisy, and fascinating city of Cairo for its incredible museums and rich history.

I am looking forward to come back to Egypt!

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